Investments-Debt and Equity Securities, ASC 320

Investments-Debt and Equity Securities
–> FSP FAS 115-2, April 2009

Other-Than-Temporary Impairments

FASB Staff Position FAS 115-2, April 2009
“Recognition and Presentation of Other-Than-Temporary Impairments”

SFAS 115, May 1993
“Accounting for Certain Investments in Debt and Equity Securities”

Other-Than-Temporary Impairments of Debt Securities
–> classified as “held-to-maturity” or “available-for-sale” securities
–> Apply FSP FAS 115-1 as revised by FSP FAS 115-2 in April 2009

 Other-Than-Temporary Impairments of Equity Securities
–> classified as “available-for-sale” securities
–> Apply SAB Topic 5M as revised by SAB 111 in April 2009
–> SAB: SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin

For investments in securities classified as “held-to-maturity” or “available-for-sale”
–> If the decline in fair value below amortized cost
–> is other than temporary,
–> the investments are impaired

FSP FAS 115-2, November 2005
–> “The Meaning of Other-Than-Temporary Impairment and Its Application to Certain Investments”
–> provides guidance to determine whether the decline in fair value
–> is other than temporary

FSP FAS 115-2 revised FSP FAS 115-1 in April 2009


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